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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Thank you for the report. It is only resolved to block level. Small changes in location can often make a big difference in the report. Is it possible for you to do another report with exact address or coordinates? If I had a choice, I would want to look at a satellite view to see the green signal lines.

I see the problem with the hill when I click on a callsign in your report. You have a difficult location and I'm trying to figure out if any improvement is possible.

Where are your antennas located?

What is your UHF antenna?

Are you using a preamp?

Do you have a rotator?

Are there any trees or buildings in the signal path?

What equipment are you using for reception?
42._____,-72.____ is the location of my antenna. I didn't see a way to share the google map directly. It's about 30ft off the ground above the roof line.

I am using a Mohu Sky HD for a UFH antenna. Yes it's one of those all in one antennas that comes with the little power block and has the pre-amp built in. Until this NBC change this antenna has done really really well and my wife loved the size of it. She didn't want one of the typical style ones up on the roof and this worked great so I didn't argue.

Yes I put it on a rotator.

Trees are mostly on the western part of the house. All other sides have a good distance between any trees.

I have 4 different tvs in the house each of a different brand, Sony, LG, Samsung, & Sharp. I also have a distribution amp in the basement just after the two antennas UHF & VHF combine to a single wire but before the splitter that goes to each tv.

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