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FYI. The small clearing just to the right of the antenna is WFIE, WEHT and WEVV. THe tree tops to the far left is WTVW.
Yes, that would make a difference in reception.

When you put the STEALTHtenna back up it had the beamwidth needed, but not enough gain for a location below the tree tops.

My other thought for improvement was to try a pre-amp but with the other channels so strong, I thought the pre-amp would actually hurt those signals.
Your thinking is correct. If you used a preamp, and if the antenna was in the clear, you would probably have tuner overload.

Forum member MikeBear had a similar problem with trees. When he raised his antenna above the trees, he lost reception of all channels. He thought his CM7777 preamp had gone bad, but it was just overloaded. He replaced it with a lower gain preamp and he was then OK.
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