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I was researching the Winegard HD7694P rabbit suggested and found this link.
That is the correct spec sheet for the 7694.
Am I safe in assuming the chart at the end of the pdf is showing me the beam-width I can expect for the given channels?
I'm also assuming the gain is more than sufficient for the distance?
The gain should be sufficient for the signal strengths listed on your report, BUT the report assumes your antenna is mounted outside and in the clear with no trees or buildings in the signal path.
Is the gain something I can use to help with distance?
Yes, signals are weaker as the distance increases, but I pay more attention to the signal strengths listed than mileage claims. What good is a "50-mile" antenna when you are behind a hill or trees that block a signal?
Or will that just help with signals being blocked by leaves?
More antenna gain SOMETIMES helps with trees, but there is no magic antenna that can see through trees.

I'm just tired of climbing on the roof and want to make the best choice.
I understand, but there is no way I can offer you a guarantee from Virginia. You haven't even shown us photos of what the trees look like in front of the antenna or what the antenna mounting looks like.

At least we have convinced you that the 4228HD has a beamwidth that is too narrow for the two directions at the same time.
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