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So I'm trying to learn more to make the right decision. I was researching the Winegard HD7694P rabbit suggested and found this link.

Am I safe in assuming the chart at the end of the pdf is showing me the beam-width I can expect for the given channels? So considering if the widest width between UHF channels 45,46 and 28 is 21 degrees, I would look at the chart for channels 14 and 50 and see that I would have a beam-width of 61 to as little as 46 degrees?

I'm also assuming the gain is more than sufficient for the distance? Is the gain something I can use to help with distance? Or will that just help with signals being blocked by leaves?

I'm just tired of climbing on the roof and want to make the best choice. I don't mind the two antenna solution if I would get better long term results. Just didn't want to spend that much more if the HD7694P would be more than enough.
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