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But is it possible to combine 2 UHF antennas?
Yes, it is possible to combine two UHF antennas aimed in different directions, but I must caution you that it doesn't always work because when the same signals from each antenna reach the combining point, they will interfere with each other if they don't arrive in phase (at the same instant).

This also applies to the two sections of the DB8e. ADTech, who works for Antennas Direct and gives good advice here, says it is most likely to work when the two directions are at right angles (90 deg apart). You must consider it a trial-and-error experiment. If you don't get all the channels after combining that you had when the antennas were separate, it does not work at your location.

The DB8e patterns are here:'s/DB8E-TDS.pdf

here did you get those images?
I got them from as it says in the credit line on the image.



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