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Antenna Suggestions for Leander, TX

Hello TV Fool Community,

I'd appreciate any help with an antenna configuration for my home. My report is here:

My goal is to receive the following (broadcast out of Austin, TX): NBC, ABC, PBS, CBS, CW, and FOX. I don't care about the longer-range stuff.

I recently moved into a new-construction, single-story home. My new home is less than a mile from my previous home. In my previous location, I could receive all of the above stations using a Terk HDTVa indoor antenna. In my new home, I can marginally receive all stations except CW and FOX using the Terk.

Admittedly, all of my reception experiments took place in the room in my home furthest from the tower; in other words, I was using the antenna in an area that maximized distance through my home to the signal origin. I assume this also maximized the potential for interference. This room is my "study", so there is a computer, TV, router, etc. nearby. This was mostly due to the fact that I don't have a great location for an indoor antenna anywhere else in my home (due to wife approval, etc.)

I'm using a SiliconDust HD Homerun as a tuner, using the Homerun software to measure signal strength.

Since it doesn't appear that an indoor antenna will work in my new location, I'd love to hear suggestions for a better solution. I am open to an outdoor antenna, though I would prefer something small if possible. An attic-mounted solution is also an option. I'm also curious if this indoor solution might be feasible if I can somehow find a better location in my home.

Any thoughts?

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