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It appears that your area has an abundance of trees. I face the same problem here in the Northwest. Even though simulations predict noise margins for my stations of interest to be in the rage of +41 to +68 dB and line-of-sight, moving tree limbs are a source of signal interruptions.

I believe the single most important factor affecting reception reliability for you will be finding a mounting method that avoids having to "look" through trees near your antenna. Both the TV Fool and rabbitears simulations indicate edge path for most of your signals which is all the more reason to clear the trees near you if at all possible.

There appears to be a single Low-VHF signal (real CH-2, WUVM-LP) listed on your post-repack rabbitears report. If the RF noise levels are typical at your location, You would likely need an unusually large custom built antenna with 10dBd or more gain to make success likely.

I would start by focusing on the UHF and High-VHF signals first. The Antennas Direct DB8e is not overkill for UHF and the larger High-VHF antennas such as the Antennas Direct ClearStream 5 or Stellar Labs 30-2475 and 30-2476 are options to try for real channels 7 through 13.
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