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Originally Posted by jrgagne99 View Post
You have a nice report. All the major networks are strong and on UHF. You might be able to get away with a 4-bay such as the HDB4x, DB4e, or Clearstream 2, aimed at 217-degrees. If you don't care too much about size, go with a 8-bay or Clearstream-4 for better chance of reception right out of the gate. You should check the rabbitears report first thouh, to make sure nothing is moving to VHF-hi. If so, and depending on signal strength, you might need a stronger VHF rig, such as a 2475.
He's going to need an antenna with VHF-Hi coverage also...the NBC affiliate is on real channel 10 and the PBS affiliate is on real channel 8 (and will be moving to 7 during phase 10 of the repack). The remainder of the Atlanta DMA is on phase 5 of the repack with rescan day set for Sept 6th. All the the moves will be on UHF.

Another area of interest is WSB, the ABC affiliate. Currently his best signal is from the translator in Gainesville on real channel 46, which is much stronger than the main channel on real channel 39 in Atlanta. However the translator is about 120 degrees away from his other signals in Atlanta. Channel 39 is moving to 32 during the repack, but I am not sure what is taking place with the translators. Maybe someone more schooled on the repack can comment. With the move to a lower channel coupled with a good high gain antenna, maybe he will get good reception on 32 in Atlanta which is in the same direction as the other stations. Or he may be able to pick up the translator from Gainesville off the side of his antenna.
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