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Originally Posted by johnnyboygomez View Post
I am only interested in uhf channels with the exception of wvny-dt (real channel 13) so I'll ignore those channels under 13 (actually I can get channel 12 no problem. )

I can get all the UHF channels all the way down to CFMT-DT (NM -23.3dB) with these exceptions:

WPTZ 14 Very rarely (transmitter 650kW)
CJNT 49 Very rarely (but not tropo incidents I don't think)
WVNY 13 Never (transmitter 10kW)
CITS 43 Don't need
CIVS 24 Don't need
If you look at your TVFool report, you will see a red "c" next to the WVNY callsign. This is because WVNY has co-channel interference from CJOH-DT also on 13, unless it has moved. WVNY will move to real CH 7 because of UHF Repack by the FCC. WVNY must be at least 15 dB stronger than CJOH-DT to be received.
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