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Originally Posted by jrgagne99 View Post
You can make one from the Winegard SensarPro RV signal strength meter. See R. Ross's review on the product on Amazon for instructions. Around $80 for the components, which include the SensarPro, a project box, battery pack, and a DC blocker. I made one and it works well. Results are commensurate to an actual TV with signal strength meter.

However, for not too much more money, you can buy a portable TV such as the RCA DPTM70R, which has a decent signal strength indicator (signal strength rated 1-5, if i remember correctly) plus you can watch it!
Wow, I checked that out and started reading that guy's post and what he did. But into the second or third paragraph I realized this was way over my head. I guess I'll just leave things alone.

Wiring in a third TV just to check signals isn't something I want to do either.

But thanks for the reply anyway.
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