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Thanks for the input...I can only use RF from the receiver to the TV2...The modulator, inside the 622, is now set to channel 69 and it has helped some. I would love to convert it to HDMI however it is a SD signal and I am simply sending it to the other end of the house via RG6. That could be where the poor quality is coming from.

I have both OTA and SAT modulator output RG 6 in the room with the TV2 and then I combine them into one input. The output from my 622 is set in the modulator for air channel 69...FYI you can use either air or cable on the VIP622.

I will look into the link you have provided...Thanks again.

P.S. what is the DC passthru I see on the diplexers? I notice this allows signal on one input but I loose it on the other side without DC passthru.

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