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Austin, TX Reception Questions

Hi All,

I've got an OTA setup and have problems with my channels cutting out intermittently. I'm hoping someone here can help me fine tune my system so I have fewer drop-outs.

First, here's my TVFool report. I'm only trying to receive the network channels from Austin, which are all in the green zone.

Here's my report at a 20ft antenna height (which is how it is now):

Now, for my setup:

I have this antenna mounted on a 5 foot mast on the ridge line of my metal roof on a one story house. My best guess puts this total height at 20 ft:
Winegard MS 1000 Metrostar Omnidirectional Non-Amplified TV Antenna (MS-1000)

I have this signal amplifier:
Winegard ANWI8700 Winegard AP Signal Amplifier

All runs are RG-6.

The challenges that I have:
* metal roof
* large/tall trees to the S and SE. These trees are about 10-15ft from the antenna. Cutting them down is not an option. I can trim some limbs, but not enough to create clear paths through them. All channels I'm interested in seem to be clustered to the NW.
* Multiple TVs (5), though I'm usually only watching one TV at a any given time if that makes a difference.

I superimposed my TVFool diagram over my house and notice the crepe myrtles directly in the line of the stations. Before I did this, it didn't even cross my mind that they could be the problem! Could my solution be as easy as either getting the antenna up higher or trimming the crepe myrtles?


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