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Wink Yes!!!!!!

Well Solid Signal got me the parts and sure enough the CPA-19 and re-cabling has done it.......getting WLIW, and a few other new ones, clear as ever....signal strength per meter on the outboard Dish Network HD tuner is a solid 69.

The RG 59 had a few suspect spots as well so I understand how keeping an eye on cabling, and using good cable, is important.

So, here's the next question. Assume I add a strictly VHF (low and high).....can I combine it with the Yagi UHF/CPA-19 rig and, if so, what would be the optimal way to do that taking into account that I have a balanced Toner 3 way splitter just beyond the CPA-19 signal injector.

I never understood how a dedicated pre-ap differs from a hobby and I seriously appreciate your incisive help!!!!

David set I have not yet re-cabled....also an LG. The LG in the kitchen that has been re-cabled is fine with WLIW and everything else...but the living room LG (same vintage...a few years ago so tuners should be identical) is still cabled with the old RG-59, about a run of 20 feet from the splitter. Will this weekend re-cable that set as well with the Perfect Vision RG-6....if that does not do the trick will start looking at the splitter for problems.....

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