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Please suggest rooftop or attic antenna

I'm new to the OTA scene and have been thinking about installing a roof antenna or attic antenna to replace my cable subscription with OTA HD. I'm looking for suggestions of model numbers for an attic or rooftop antenna.

Here are my TV Signal Analysis Results:

About My House:
I live on relatively high ground in a stucco-townhome with asphalt shingles that has 4 levels: basement, 1st floor, 2nd floor, and attic. I don't have an existing antenna on the house and I will need to run wiring to 4 rooms. It's approximately 40' from the attic to the basement and the house came equipped with a pole in the attic that runs wiring from the attic to the basement. Soon, I hope to rid myself of cable subscription, but currently there is cable running to each television. The area around my home is somewhat hilly and there are a few buildings that are as tall as my three-story townhome. There are other houses that may be in the line of site between the house and the direction from which most of the signals are coming.

Location of Televisions:
I would like to run three or four lines to different rooms.
- Basement: LCD projector attached to HDTV cable box attached to Denon receiver; wiring is hidden in removable hung ceiling.
- 1st Floor/Kitchen: LCD television connected to basic cable wire; wiring in wall
- 2nd Floor/Bedroom 1: LCD television connected to digital cable box; wiring is hidden in wall.
- 2nd Floor/Bedroom 2: LCD television connected to basic cable wire; wiring in wall.
I’m just beginning to understand amplifiers but I realize I’ll probably need a suggestion on these, too.

I noticed from the TV signal analysis that most channels are UHF, while WPVI (ABC, Channel 6) is VHF. If possible, I would like to be able to pick up Channel 6 and some channels found in the red section of the TV Signal Analysis. Up the street, my friend is currently using a very inexpensive UHF/VHF antenna with converter box and getting 33 channels, including WPVI. I’m trying to avoid the rabbit ears approach and hope that an attic or roof antenna will increase reception without the use of rabbit ears. I suppose I’m looking for an antenna system -- Antenna, amplifier, converter box?? Just not sure what all I need.

Antenna Constraints:
Many people in my townhome community have satellite dishes on their houses, so I don't think the homeowner's association will object to my mounting a roof antenna. However, I’m partial to taking advantage that I have a large walk-up attic with enough space (8’ X 6’ X 10’ (LWH)) to put in a sizable attic antenna. I’d like to get the most channels possible, but money is a factor. I also have a fan in my roof – I’m not sure if that will aid or inhibit mounting a roof antenna.

My apologies for the length of this post. I hope that I’ve provided enough information. If I’ve forgotten anything I will respond promptly as I am looking to purchase within the next several weeks. Thank you so much for any suggestions that you can offer.


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