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Sorry for the delay in responding to you.
I spent a lot of time reviewing your situation.
Realistically, you should have no problems with
the Kansas stations. KWKS runs 464kw with an
antenna height of 373m agl. KLBY runs 625kw
but the antenna is 219m agl. The issue with KBSL
pixelating is probably related to the 91XG antenna,
that is not designed to receive VHF. The other
two stations should not be causing you any concern.
This leads me to believe you do have some issue
with your system. How close/tall are the closest trees
and in what direction are they???
My favorite way of testing cable is to run a Rf signal
from a "source" such as a converter box with on screen
graphics to the television. I manipulate the cable, one
small section at a time and look at the television for
any changes in video or audio. There are other ways
of testing cable as well.
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