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Originally Posted by ohazco View Post
Hello All!
Hello, ohazco. Thank you for the reports.

It sounds like the new tower location isn't quite as good as the chimney location was for reception.
I have not received Denver channels reliably (>20% of the time) for about the last year and have just had it pointed east.
You are not receiving channels from Denver, you are receiving channels from low power translators in Idalia that carry Denver channels.

Denver channels would never make it to your location except during unusual atmospheric conditions.

I have not received Denver channels reliably (>20% of the time) for about the last year and have just had it pointed east
Something might be in the signal path from Idalia that wasn't there before, like trees.
Channel 10 has started to get choppy.
Channel 10 is a VHF channel; the 91XG isn't designed to receive VHF channels and its balun doesn't pass VHF channels.
This weekend I decided to try a new 91XG and a Winegard Boost XT preamp (instead of the RCA) and completely rewired, to try to get my Denver channel back. I think it got worse.
You are on the extreme fringe outside the area of coverage for Idalia channels. The red marker is your location.

K24EZ is a low power translator only running 0.192 kW ERP, that's 192 Watts. The actual transmitter output is only 20 Watts with an antenna gain of 8.06 dB.
0.03 kW TPO + 8.06 dB gain = 0.192 kW ERP

I get vhf10 very choppy only when pointed northeast, and get 17 and 19 only when pointed due east with occasional choppiness. I just can't figure out what gives and am at a loss.
The 91XG receives VHF channels off-axis.
I am considering an HDB8X to try... but am very hesitant to keep throwing money at this.. I just wasted $100+ on a new 91XG, and also concerned about its wind load, not sure my tower could take it.
The 91XG is a better choice for your UHF channels.
I wired up the elderly neighbor next door with his 30 year old UHF antenna and no preamp and he gets Kansas most the time.
Small changes in location can make a big difference in reception.
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