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Deep Fringe - Setup no longer working, at a loss

Hello All! Sorry for the novel, but its a 7 year story.

With great advise from this forum 7 years ago I installed an 91XG and AntennaCraft 10G202 on a chimney mount, about 20' from ground to antenna, pointed at 338. At that time I had RG59 cables with crimp ends running to the old directTV coax to the TV. I received all the red channels at 338 degrees (Denver) 95% of the time, and the yellow and green eastern channels (Kansas) 100% of the time, including the VHF channel 10. This setup worked great for about 3 years when I realized it was breaking my chimney apart. I moved it to a tower 15' north, 30' from ground to antenna, pointed at 338, with all new RG6quad with compression ends (and rebuilt my chimney). This reduced my reception of Denver channels to about 90%, which I assumed was due to the horizontal shift. Still good. Since then I have progressively lost signal more and more. I started losing the Kansas channels when pointed north, so I installed a rotor to be able to point to the east when necessary. I have burned through 5 pre-amps: the 10G202, 3 RCA TVpramp1's, and 1 new version CM7777 all of which stopped working at some point. Antenna Direct sent me a new balum. I have rewired from the antenna to the ground 3 times, and now test with a tv at the base rather than in the house. It just kept getting worse. I have not received Denver channels reliably (>20% of the time) for about the last year and have just had it pointed east. Channel 10 has started to get choppy. This weekend I decided to try a new 91XG and a Winegard Boost XT preamp (instead of the RCA) and completely rewired, to try to get my Denver channel back. I think it got worse. In the house and base of the tower I get some of the Denver channels very choppy, and no Kansas channels pointed north. I get vhf10 very choppy only when pointed northeast, and get 17 and 19 only when pointed due east with occasional choppiness. I just can't figure out what gives and am at a loss. Any thoughts on what could be going on, or anything else to try? Anything I could be testing for? I am considering an HDB8X to try... but am very hesitant to keep throwing money at this.. I just wasted $100+ on a new 91XG, and also concerned about its wind load, not sure my tower could take it.

Before all of this, I used to get Kansas with an RV antenna, so thinking giving up on Denver, ditching the tower and its lightning risk, and just putting a mid-range vhf/uhf combo down low to at least get Kansas. But pointed east on my tower my 91XG is choppy on them sometimes now, so maybe that won't even work?!? I wired up the elderly neighbor next door with his 30 year old UHF antenna and no preamp and he gets Kansas most the time.

Here are my reports:
Note I do have a full power FM station about 1/2 mi south.

Hope someone has some thoughts... thanks!!!

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