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I have a DB8e as well, but I'm in Hamilton, southwest of Toronto, on the top edge of the Niagara escarpment.

Here's a few recommendations I have.

1) If you can't get CFTO in Toronto get the "rabbit ears" (VHF) add on for your DB8e. This should allow you to get CFTO and maybe CKVR (CTV2) in Barrie. You might also be able to get CTV2 from it's Hamilton repeater, but it's UHF, not VHF.
2) Get a rotator. This will allow you to fine tune reception for the US stations. As already stated in this thread the buffalo station are actually pretty far apart, and the signal strength for me and you are quite weak. Sometimes less then a 10 degree movement is required to pick up CBS (WIVB) vs ABC (WKBW) for me. The new rotors work with a remote and allow you to pre-program each station (up to 9 different locations). You can pick one up for less then $200 CAD
3) Get a low noise pre-amp. Because the signals we are trying to get are so weak I'd recommend a low noise preamp. I had a Kitztech KT200 that recently died, so I went back to my old LNA200 from Winegard.

Another thing to keep in mind is that lately the repack has caused some issues. CBS used to be my best station and now it's much harder to get. Fox 29 was always problematic now it's nearly as strong as signals from the CN tower. Hopefully some of these weak signals are temporary and will get better as the repack process continues.
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