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Originally Posted by BrooklinOTA View Post
Here is my TV Fool report if it helps:

Thank you for the TVFool report. Here is a report based on my estimate of your location. It should have a more accurate list of channels.

You can do your own report here. You might need to use coordinates.

Extract from report:

Originally Posted by BrooklinOTA View Post
I used an RCA TVPRAMP1R to take the signal from my antenna to the distribution block in the basement.

- The TVPRAMP1Z brings around a 2.6 db signal loss immediately from the antenna.

- It then boosts that signal to take it down the line.

- But the signal that is boosted is the signal that already had 2.6 db of loss!

Therefore the preamp is boosting an inferior signal....
It is not clear to me where you think that 2.6 dB loss is coming from.

Is it because there is a long length of coax between the antenna and the input of the RCA preamp, or some other reason?
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