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Reflections on preamps and signal loss

Calling all OTA Gurus for confirmation.

I have a setup where I have a DB8E pointed at Buffalo from Ajax, Ontario. Initially I had a long cable run that was probably around 75 feet. I used an RCA TVPRAMP1R to take the signal from my antenna to the distribution block in the basement.

So I have been thinking about my preamp for a while and here are my thoughts:

- The TVPRAMP1Z brings around a 2.6 db signal loss immediately from the antenna.

- It then boosts that signal to take it down the line.

- But the signal that is boosted is the signal that already had 2.6 db of loss!

Therefore the preamp is boosting an inferior signal....

I ended up re-running my RG6 cable and was able to cut about 35 feet off the run. The result: much more stable US channels!
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