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The Winegard 7694p and the Channel Master 3016 are good antennas and reasonable recommendations. I won't argue with them.

I would start with a simple test to see what effect the trees might have. Borrow or buy an inexpensive indoor antenna that is both UHF and VHF like the One Indoor Antenna ($8.88 at Walmart). Hook it up to your TV, aim the flat side to the north, and do a scan. Print a copy of your TV Fool Report. Mark off what you get and don't get and post it here (listing the channels in the same order as on your chart). You very likely won't get much of what you want but it will be useful data in choosing an antenna for the roof. [Even better would be to take it out to the yard on the north side of the house.]

If you do get a fair amount of channels you could easily use one of the antennas Joe recommended, though I'd lean towards the Winegard over the Channel Master (since the Channel Master includes VHF-LO (which you don't need) and is wider and more difficult to work with).

If you get most of channels you want with the indoor UHF/VHF antenna (even if they cut out sometimes) and if they include WNTV 9/29.1, WSPA 7/7.1, and WLOS 13/13.1 I'd consider the Antennas Direct C2-V. I know from Antennas Direct specifications that if you point the antenna north you'd get good reception 30 degrees either side of north. And it has some gain in most directions (meaning it might actually pick up WMYA 14/40.1 and WNEH 18/38.1).

If you don't get many channels with your experiment (especially if you do it outside) I'd probably recommend the Antennas Direct DB-4e. It has some VHF-HI ability and might work, but you also might need to add a VHF-HI antenna. And like the C2-V it has some gain in most directions (meaning it might actually pick up WMYA 14/40.1 and WNEH 18/38.1).

I don't recommend the DB-8e. It's an excellent antenna, but it has a very narrow focus. If aimed right in the middle of your two channel groups you're risking missing them. [The DB-8e works best when pointing in two directions when you form a "corner" (90 degrees), with the antennas on the outside part of the corner).]

I'd also have the same directional concerns with the Winegard and Channel Master antennas that are larger than the ones Joe recommended. [I wish they would publish the technical specifications on their website.]
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