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Originally Posted by SCHealy View Post
Hey Joeaz, thanks for taking the time to answer. As I wrote before, this is our new home and for what I can see north I do have woods that start about 100 yards from the house. They seem to be about 70 feet or so high I would guess. The top of my chimney is roughly 25ft from ground level then I could strap a mast ontop of that to make antenna about 35ft high which isn't above tree level ..I guess living in the country has its drawbacks. I wouldn't mind if I needed to buy a amp or something else, I just really didn't want to have to put up a rotor and constantly change the direction/rescan channels after everytime. I was looking at the db8e originally before knowing I needed vhf high which it doesn't do and that antenna was about $140 so cost for antenna isnt a factor, it'll be made up in a few on the from not paying cable ! Just was hoping to put up whatever size antenna, point it, set it & forget it. You know ?
The height of those trees will affect your reception. The question is, how much? I stand by my recommendations for the Winegard 7694p and
the Channel Master 3016. Those would be a very good starting point.
I would connect with a 50 ft RG6 cable to one tv, antenna pointed towards your transmitters and starting scanning.
You'll want to "walk the roof" to see what area provides the best signals overall. That may not be an area near your chimney. You may need to get an amplifier if some channels are
weak or don't come in at all.....
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