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Hey Joeaz, thanks for taking the time to answer. As I wrote before, this is our new home and for what I can see north I do have woods that start about 100 yards from the house. They seem to be about 70 feet or so high I would guess. The top of my chimney is roughly 25ft from ground level then I could strap a mast ontop of that to make antenna about 35ft high which isn't above tree level ..I guess living in the country has its drawbacks. I wouldn't mind if I needed to buy a amp or something else, I just really didn't want to have to put up a rotor and constantly change the direction/rescan channels after everytime. I was looking at the db8e originally before knowing I needed vhf high which it doesn't do and that antenna was about $140 so cost for antenna isnt a factor, it'll be made up in a few on the from not paying cable ! Just was hoping to put up whatever size antenna, point it, set it & forget it. You know ?
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