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I have some questions.
Do you have a budget?
Do you want to get any channels in the yellow or red zone of your TV fool report?

I have a DB8e antenna with an preamp and rotor but I'm trying to get stations 70 miles away in my TV fool red zone. It's an expensive antenna though and if you do angle the panels you lose gain. The DB8E also tends not to be a great antenna for VHF although you can buy an optional clip on antenna. You have several VHF STATIONS in your TV fool report. I use the clip on VHF antenna and it works great for me.

Personally Id try an indoor UHF/VHF combo antenna at Walmart for under $50 and see what you can get. If you only want stations in the green that should be sufficient. If your not happy with what you get, write down what you got, take back the antenna and post the results in the forum.

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