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You have some decisions to make...
Your strongest stations are from the Baltimore market
but you can also receive D.C. stations without any difficulty.
Now and in the near future, all your stations will remain
on Hi-VHF and UHF. That makes one of the Clearstream
2V or Clearstream 2MAX as well as the Winegard 7694p,
all excellent choices. You can sometimes find some of
them on sale. sells the Winegard for about
$50.00 including shipping, a good bargain. For Baltimore
stations, you'll want to point, NNW and for D.C. you'll want
to point SW. If you are so inclined, you could erect two
antennas for both markets stations. You'll probably want
a 4 way signal spiltter or a 4 way distribution amplifier.
If you chose two antennas, they need to be at least 5 feet
apart. Don't forget to ground, that is very important. Hope
this gets you started......
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