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Greetings Yasue,

Fairly nice report and opportunity at Peoria and Champaign markets. First, how is your location? Trees? A smart choice of antenna with a open direct line at the transmitters will amaze you how stable signals an be. The Mohu Sky is a nice gadget, but often there are better antennas designs to choose from that will serve your reception needs.

Peoria, is trending weak so an antenna that offers flexibility to aim at both markets would be my choice. Thus, an Antennas Direct DB8e is an excellent candidate. Aim one panel to magnetic 310 and the other at 160. You should see all signals down to WRSP 44. WILL PBS on RF 9 might need further attention due to being the only VHF in your main signals.

Overall, it's always advised to mount your antenna outdoors with an open line to as good as possible to the transmitters. Anytime you have an antenna up against the house, in the house or attic, you are asking the antenna to overcome closeness to household interference and noise in addition to obstruction and ghosting.


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