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Help with weak stations

Hi and Happy New Year!

Where I live, there's two stations that are extremely strong, and the rest are extremely weak.
The "least weak" stations are in roughly the same direction as the strong stations (towards the south-south-east), and towards the west & north, there are weaker, more distant stations.

Here's the TVFool report:

The receivers are a SiliconDust HomeRun Extend (for time shifting programming), and a samsung tv.

Ive been experimenting with a DB-8e antenna with a Wineguard preamp.
Pointing it towards the weaker stations about 50 miles away (at 136 degrees), I get a signal from the weaker stations, but not enough to get a picture.
The two strong stations come in really, really well.
While at 136 degrees, I can also receive two stations from over 75 miles away, with a good signal.
These two stations are in a different direction (about 190 degrees), and dont show up in the report.

When pointing west or north, there's some signal but no picture from any of the stations.

The antenna site (a re-purposed power pole) now has trees grown up around it, and Im sure that's not helping, either.

Is it possible to receive the weaker stations? And, if so, what would it take to receive them?

Any thoughts are appreciated!
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