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Originally Posted by davidlukewilcox View Post

I point south-west, and I get lots more channels than when I point north-west. When I point north-west, I get barely anything. When I point south-west, I get lots more. Not everything comes in super clear, but it's much better.

Would someone mind helping me interpret these results given my tvfool report?

Hi, David:
Your strongest station is K43JV (in blue type), which is on real channel 16, a UHF channel. It is the real channel that determines the antenna needed.

VHF-Low, real channels 2-6
VHF-High, real channels 7-13
UHF, real channels 14-51

K43JV is a religious station in the 3ABN network:

Your 91XG is a high gain antenna designed for UHF channels, and must be aimed directly at the transmitter; 185 degrees magnetic for K43JV.

K22IT and K43JV in purple are analog channels, that I think are off the air.

K07ZE and K13OG are on VHF-High channels 7 and 13. You would need a VHF-High antenna aimed at 167 degrees magnetic for them. They would give you ION and Fox:

Your weakest channels are coming from the NW at 299 degrees magnetic and need all the help they can get: a high gain UHF antenna like your 91XG, antenna mounted high and in the clear with no obstructions like trees and other buildings, and a good preamp.

You have a strong FM transmitter KENZ 11.3 miles away, but the FM filter in the preamp should take care of it.
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