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Greetings Paul,

On paper, your plot looks wonderful. Before I offer any thoughts how intensively do the trees block the path to Mt. Wilson?

I'd be inclined to suggest a Antennas Direct Clearstream 2V with the VHF add on kit. You'll only need high-VHF and UHF. The lone low-band VHF KRVD-LP reports as being off the air, so at this point it's a non-factor.

Since you have a good amount of signal on paper, a preamp wouldn't be something I would invest in. Instead, I might install a 4 port channel master distribution amplifier model 3414. This would be your splitter and amplifier. A distribution amplifier can be needed for long runs servicing multiple TVs. it's main job is to offset cabling loss of signal due to long runs or several splits.

Using a generic non-amplified splitter, you may be able to get away with it. The thing to look for is if one, perhaps two of your TVs have intermittent or non-reception of some signals. TV tuners are not all created equal and if through the splits the signal is weakened enough, certain signals can be lost or be erratic.

The Clearstream 2V ought to do very well pointed to magnetic 265 or so.

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