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Help choosing an outside antenna

Here is the link to my TV signal analysis result.

We are switching from FIOS to OTA and need to choose an antenna. Please send me any advice as to the brand and model.

I plan to mount it outside about 10 ft above the ground. Since the land slopes down in the direction of the broadcast towers there are no interferences except two trees about 200 yards away.
We are only interested in the channels at 285 deg except possibly the one at 259 deg. All of the towers are on Mt Wilson in the LA area which as you can see is 60 miles away. The towers are about 3,300 ft higher than we are and the loss due to 60 miles of curvature is 2,300 ft so I think the signal will be looking down and should miss the trees (but I don't really know about these things, just the wonder of searching the internet).
Our wiring is coax built into the house. I plan to use the splitter in the wall box for a cable to each of three TVs at 80 ft (seldom used and mostly for Wi-Fi streaming), 30 ft and 40 ft (used all the time). I prefer not to use an amplifier so the question is should I try it once I get the antenna or is it clear that I need one?
Thanks for your help and to the folks making this possible. I appreciate your efforts and time.
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