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Interesting scenario.

The LP on real channel 4 makes things interesting. According to wikipedia, WBXT-LP carries MTV2 programming. Further, the other signals at 132/163/164 magnetic seem to be of off the beaten path programming with religion, music or foreign language. Chawni do you really want to invest in these little obscurities?

If you take those little obscurities out of the equation, you open up much easier scenarios. The most attractive one to me is a two antenna application:

UHF: Antennas Direct DB8e (Tallahassee)
Panel 1 magnetic 217 (PBS)
Panel 2 magnetic 96 (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX)

(OPTIONAL -using antenna low and high VHF capabilities only)

VHF: Winegard HD8200U (Albany, GA)
Point to magnetic 35
Reception of Albany FOX and NBC along with Georgia PBS.

Combine antennas on mast with an Antennas Direct EU385CF combiner or test RCA TVPRAMP1R preamp to combine signals into one coax. The RCA preamp is neat that it allows you to combine a UHF and VHF antenna into a single lead.

The Trees are a serious consideration. To have any real chance at reliable reception, you must get above the trees.

I'd suggest blowing off the little obscure channels and focusing on full power broadcasters. With some smart choices you'll have all of Tallahassee and FOX, NBC and PBS from Albany.

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