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Originally Posted by dcannaday View Post
I know you guys can help, here is the info

TV Signal Analysis Results Print this report

Thanks in advance.
Hi -

What do you have now? How many stations do you get now? Are there stations you really want to receive? What kind of placement can you have, ie roof mount in clear air, with no surrounding trees or buildings, or something less? Do you want to go after just the majors from a single market or as many stations as possible?

You should be able to receive any of the stations with a single-digit noise margin or better with the right antenna and placement. However, receiving some stations will necessarily exclude others, unless you are really ambitious and go with multiple antennas, each with its own tuner. Can your TV or TVs manually include stations, or can you only set stations from a station scan? If you can manually set stations, a rotator might be worthwhile (if you want to get a lot of stations). Note that there is a lot of duplication in programming between markets so as it becomes harder to get more stations, the amount of new programming falls off.

22 feet is pretty low. Are there trees in the way of the plot headings at that height? Are you willing/able to go higher? I'd run an additional plot at 50' or so, just to see how the signal changes.

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