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The DB8e is an excellent antenna. It's not deaf to VHF, but that's outside its target bandwidth. NB the DB8e and DB8 are different antennas.

WXIA is quite strong; I'd expect you to pick up WXIA if the DB8e were mounted outside and pointing at the transmitter. Inside, maybe not. You could always add a cut-to-band VHF-high antenna like the Antennacraft Y5713 (ca $30) to the DB8e and mix the signals with a UVSJ combiner (ca $5).

Note that there is about 100 degrees separation between the ION station and your main grouping. If you plan to spread the panels on the DB8e to point at both 228 and 329, the antenna becomes both less directional and less sensitive in each direction. Look at the Antennas Direct site, at the technical data. Peak gain drops from about 17 dBi to about 10 dBi with the panels spread that much. In clear air 10 dBi should be plenty for KPXA, but the attic and trees could be problematic. Decibels are a logarithmic scale, where each 3 dB is a doubling of the power received - so 7 dB is a significant drop. It might work great... but it's hard to predict.

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