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If your friend wants a large antenna, the Y10713 is the largest single band high-VHF antenna on the market. Plus, it is the ideal antenna when working weak high-VHF signals. It is also modestly priced as you can find it around 40 to 50 dollars.

I would prefer in this weak signal situation having a two antenna system with one dedicated to each band (uhf and high-vhf). This allows for each antenna to focus on its area of strength.

UHF antennas (what you have in your friend's 4 bay) are capable of capturing enough VHF signal to not necessitate a VHF dedicated antenna. This applies generally to green shaded signals only of good signal strength though. The VHF signals we are discussing are weak enough a dedicated high-VHF beam is the complete way to go.

The RCA preamp is great bang for the buck. Run one myself.

Report back how things go.

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I'd add an Antennacraft Y10713 + RCA TVPRAMP1R to the system as I was removing the Radio Shack amplifier. The RCA amp will have inputs for both antennas and it will have much better noise/distortion performance.
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