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That's a generic report for your zipcode assuming 20 feet high & mounted outside.
Look at the second column (Real) which shows the actual frequency the station is broadcasting on, *not* what displyas on your TV.

If it were me, I'd build a 4-bay bowtie with reflector and aim it at magnetic 45 degrees. Use an RCA TVPRAMP1R Antenna Pre-Amplifier
Once you see what that gives you I would consider an identical antenna aimed at magnetic 280 degrees.
Connect both antennas, using *identical* lengths of rg-6, to a reversed splitter & then to the amp. Make sure the input switch is set to "combined" & the FM trap is set to on.

This *may* work well, or it *may* fail spectacularly. In which case it would be time for a rotor or 2 seperate dowmleads & a A/B switch.

One of the regular, highly respected posters on this & other forums, holl_ands, has done some excellent work in modelling antennas & has design diagrams & calculated results available at his website.

I'd suggest you start with this one.

Channel 6 in Philly is going to be hit or miss without a dedicated lo-vhf antenna. A simple dipole *may* work.
Frankly, I'd go for ABC from baltimore, which is on uhf real channel 38.

Other, wiser forum members may chime in with different solutions.
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