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thank you for your reply

Actually I do get signal for about 36 stations in philly but not channel 6 which is ABC and is a pretty good channel.. I think I can get ABC from Baltimore it is Channel 2 not sure if its actual channel 2.

I will try again with that form but it is not working in FireFox

My Zip Code is 19977 if you want to see if that works for you.

The channel list that I can receive is as follows

D-3-1 CBS Philly
D-3-2 CBS Philly All news
D-10-1 NBC Philly
D-10-2 COZI
D-17-1 WPHL DT
D-17-2 forgot to write it down
D-17-3 THIS
D-17-4 Tango Traffic
D-23-1 WNJS in and out signal shows in TV lineup
D-23-3 No Signal shows in TV lineup
D-29-1 WXTF
D-29-2 MOVIES!
D-29-3 Mundo FX
D-35-1 MINO
D-35-1 MIND
D-35-3 F24 France
D-35-4 RT Russian
D-35-5 Korea Today
D-48-1 TBN
D-48-2 Church Channel
D-48-3 Juce TV
D-48-4 ENLACE Spanish
D-48-5 SOAC
D-51-1 WTVE
D-51-2 WTVE TheWorks
D-51-3 VIETV
D-57-1 TheCWPhilly
D-61-1 ION
D-61-2 QUBO
D-61-3 ION Life
D-61-4 Shop CSN TV
D-61-5 HSN
D-61-6 QVC
D-62-1 WUVP Spanish
D-62-2 WFPA -CA Spanish
D-62-3 Get TV

The Above List is from Philly and I receive them on the
Antenna I purchased on Amazon but it does not pick up any channels
if the Amp is OFF and the antenna is directly connected to the TV

I also Pickup WBOC to the south and one of their sub channels
I also Pickup a few channels in Baltimore but i did not write which ones down.

I probably pick up a few more channels if i can fine tune the direction of the antenna I ordered a Digital Compass from Amazon for $4 and it should get here at the end of the week or next week..

The test was done on a cloudless day and then again on a partly cloudy day without heavy dark clouds or active rain.. I need to test again when it rains.

The Antenna was pointed through a closed window with with a nylon not metal screen .. windows on two sides of the home can give me direction north on one side and West and South pretty well on the other.

The antenna I want to make will be placed in my attic.

This is the antenna I am using now
Esky HG-981 Remote Controlled Amplified VHF UHF Outdoor HDTV Hd Rotor Tv Antenna 360 Rotation

The Rotor works but is useless because it is not accurate.

The antenna is mostly plastic with what seems to be one active aluminum dipole with reflectors on the back and what I am assuming are 6 sets of directors that are suppose to guide signal into the single dipole that is at the back of the array of what looks like rectangular dipoles but they are not connected and are mounted in plastic so you tell me .. I understand they are used to direct signal into a dipole.. if not they are a large waste of materials heh...

The image is slightly deceiving you are seeing 2 amps but they are showing the front and back of a single amp box that you receive .. there does not seem to be a pre-amp on the actual antenna..

The Gain for this antenna is stated at 36dB .. I believe it is at least generating actual 16dB but I have no way to test.

again with antenna directly connected i get no actual channels with the Amp on I get quite a few.. there is about 35 feet of what they say is RG6 between the Antenna and the Amp .. it seems a bit thin for RG6 and some people have suggested replacing it but that may require breaking the antenna housing to access the end connector .. that is if it is a connector and not hard soldered.

I hope that might help
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