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First & foremost. You need to remember that an amp will only *push* signal through the cable. It will *not* help the antenna suck in more signal That's not the way it works.

The other point. VHF means both Hi-VHF ( 7-13) and Lo-VHF (2-6)
Look at the frequency charts & the various dipole calculators. The numbers you mentioned ( 6 & 31") are correct for uhf & hvhf, but the lo-vhf stuff from Philly is going to require a dipole roughly 9 feet across for channel 2.
You simply can't fight physics, no matter how hard you try.

Gain in any one direction will be offset be loss in a different direction.
Elements resonate & receive at a certain size. Other sizes are *significantly* less efficiant.

Agaian. we really need a link to your tvfool report.
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