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I have been looking at the 8 bay antennas but the designs i have seen are for UHF and sometimes High VHF and UHF...

I have a lot of materials to make an antenna and would like to find some good tested plans for an antenna that can get 60 + miles even for low VHF because one channel 6 ABC is 55 miles away and they broadcast on VHF 6 not a higher UHF actual.

I am trying to figure out the size of the dipoles for vhf and they seem to be in the 30 inch range.. vs the 8bay antennas that are 6 to 8 inches.

I do have more design questions once i get started...

When I say 60 miles for vhf low high and UHF ... from 2 to 69 I expect to use a preamp
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