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thanks for your reply

umm yeah like I said I will probably keep CableTV Internet because dialup is my only other choice here and I am not going back to dialup since I work online.

Also as I said a Rotator is not going to work I want all the channels available at all times for different tvs to watch without fights over the antenna.

I know some of the models that look like 8bay antennas do allow 2 directions by rotating the BBQ grill type reflectors .. I am not convinced that design can get me the distance though...

Distance 55 miles .. wanted channels 2 through 69 .. signals from 3 directions want single antenna design I can make that does not require an amp but could benefit from an amp .. i want some signal just incase the amp dies...

anyway its a lot to ask especially since its an attic location not outside...

But what I really need is plan details with measurements for building an antenna that can get channels 2 through 69 out of some steel tent and chair poles that I recently acquired.

something that can get 60 miles .. not a coat hanger on a piece of 2x4 that will bring in stations 10 - 20 miles away because i don't have stations that close heh..


thank you again

btw not to be harsh but did you actually read my very long post that I thought was extremely detailed... or did you just skim it for keywords and reply with whatever you wanted .. heheheheh ...


Originally Posted by analogqueen View Post
Have you seen this from avsforum?

your best bet I think would be to bear down and purchase this bi-directional (or similar)

you would need a combiner to use 2 separate antennas to one coax though and those combiners run about 10$.

Another option- antenna rotator. Solid Signal has them $119.

You can call them for assistance too! Call: 1-877-312-4547

since you have dial up (been there!) instead of conveniently browsing the web at lightning speeds like most of us take for granted.

I am rather a beginner myself so maybe others have some advice for you.

PS the coat hanger DIY antenna is not bad at all- but it is only UHF. If you tell us where you are located perhaps someone here can do a search for you to find what stations you can receive and what antenna is best (obviously dont post your home address but maybe your zip code or one that is comparable nearby)

OK you did say OMNI directional - I recommended bi directional- let me tell you to "make your own" omni directional antenna I hope you have a degree in RF technology or are a telecom engineer? Because thats about what you'd need to have to do what you want, practically. You may be better off just getting a rotator.
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