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Just need one more channel!

Hi All,

I'm trying to go OTA but the wife won't have it until I can figure out a way to get CBS programming in the NW suburbs of Chicago.

Here is my TV signal analysis results:

I currently have three TV's.

One of them has a run of the mill, Best Buy rabbit ear antenna, and is on the second floor. Picks up all channels well, except for WBBM Ch12 (virt. ch. 2.1).

I have another TV in the basement with a flat antenna (monoprice HDA-3700). It also picks up all channels well, except, again, for WBBM (as listed above).

The house was pre-cabled with COAX outlets and will run possibly 5 TVs with cable runs varying from 30 ft to 100 ft.

I have metal siding.

I also understand that WBBM (CBS) is VHF Hi.

Looking for indoor attic antenna options. I just need one more channel!

Thank you all very much.
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