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Lightbulb F.T.A. Free To Air , Satellite Tv

KU Band Small Dish , F.T.A.-ST = Free To Air Satellite Tv has been available since 1997 in the , USA , Canada and Mexico.

FTA-ST is very common and well known around the rest of the world but is not well known here among Generational Americans and Generational Canadians.

There are people watching FTA Tv here and you can find them on the internet , type in FTA Satellite Tv or FTA Tv or FTA forums or this web site is a good place to start .

FTA-ST Free To Air-Satellite Tv is received with a Small KU Band small dish , 36inch (90cm) to 48inch (120cm) dish size and the dish is motorized or can be mounted stationary. The dish and motor units are very compact and the receiver and dish are not much money. As example and not the only example ,

And in Canada , , have small dish bundles that have the motorized dish the FTA receiver the cables and everthing all as a package deal and you will be suprized at how low the price is.
As a matter of fact you will be shocked at how low the price is.

Yes FTA-ST is Free to receive and watch , no descrambler is needed. Yes FTA-ST is 100% legal.
[FTA IS NOT , dish network , direct tv , star choice , bell express view or shaw direct.]

FTA-ST is in fact FTA-ST = Free To Air - Satellite Tv.

At are listed some English language channels to watch , CCTV 9 , 'Create' Tv of PBS , COZI Tv , Melli Tv , MHZ Worldview , Montana PBS , Patient Channel , All of the PBS Feeds - PBS - PBS HD 1 - PBS HD 2 , PBS HD 3 , PBS World. The Pentagon Channel , Press TV , Research Channel , RTV- RetroTv , Russia Today-RT , Smart Lifestyle Tv , Sports Stations , Tuff Tv , University Network , Veterans Affairs Knowledge Network. Radio Stations and Music Stations and a Lot More.

FTA Programing is also available with Many other languages

Join in with the FTA people , find em on FTA forums.

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