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Don't know anything about indoor antennas. Maybe you could pick up a cheap set of rabbit ears at WalMart and try it. There are some recs in this thread -

For outdoors, you have a lot of vegetation in HI, right? Even though the signal is strong at 8' you may have difficulty if the LOS is obstructed by vegetation or adjacent buildings. 8' is hardly above any bushes, much less the trees or surrounding structures. Why do you want to mount it so low?

I'm not an industry pro, but how about ... for something weatherproof, you could try something like an Antennas Direct DB4 or Antennacraft U4000 with the reflector removed? This would reduce the antenna's sensitivity, but it would receive from front and back. The antenna may pick up 11 and 8, even though they are out of band. If not, add a VHF high antenna like maybe the AD dipole or the Y5713 ... 11 is so strong that you should pick it up on the back side of a Y5713 if you sort-of aim it at 8.
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