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insulating wire and grounding

ok guys getting stuff together to set up a new guy said no way to putting tower up attached to my house trailer as i live on highest peak in my county and lightning strikes are we are putting tower 125 from house and i am gonna attach to a oak tree that i topped till i get footers poured for guy wires.sadly i have 2 metal roofs i have to run the wire down then down a metal sided wall and into house.tower is 35 feet.
1.i have 125 feet of coax i gotta run across metal roof and what kinda wire and is there anything i can run the wire inside of to help shield it?i will be running 2 wires for an a/b switch for 2 sbgh that will be pointed in opposite directions.

2 how do i ground the tower?on houses we use 8 gauge wire with grounding rod and accorn clamp.where do i connect to tower or is there a better way?

3.should i go ahead and preamp both units?

any help appriciated
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