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update guys picked up a 35 foot tower and 10 ft mast today we had to cut it into 3 pieces cause to many wires to drop it.i have a few other sections i will try to add to it.will need to be bolted and welded back together but free is always good!so i had a back to basics evening and went back to the original version of sbgh mad one with solid reflector based on the news channel style
the cost was 40 bucks i used 10g copper wire.the only diffrence is i glued on caps and used roofing screws with rubber washers to attach to the face of the caps.i dont like the element being behind the i set it out of a window pointing southeast into trees.i picked up 29 channels one being 11.1 which is 80 miles thought now is that if i make another and point them 180 from each other and space them 3 foot on the mast i can use an a/b switch and get all the channels i need without the need for stacking.i am however trying to figure out a way to get the dbgh to 300 ohms then i would upgrade both to those.

Towers, can be a tricky animal.

First of all, you'll want to check for rust and pitting.
No big deal you say, it looks fine.
Yes, but you should check the I.D., too.

Secondly, it's probably not a good idea to do any welding, as the heating/ cooling, can affect the surrounding metal.

Finally, you should stage all sections on the ground, so no matter which order you hoist them up, you know you won't be wrestling w/ them when you're up in the air.

A nice method of cleaning I've used, is to wrap some 0000 steel wool around a drill bit and lightly polish the insides, while spraying w/ some lubricant.
You may want to polish the outsides, too.

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