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Thanks Pips,

There is improvement, but to really see it you have to get above 100'. Likely not an option for you at these heights.

In this situation someone might as an extreme measure gang 2 or 4 Antennas Direct 91xgs. There are some folks on the site who know about about this. I've never attempted it as I have a single 91xg.

The questions becomes at 25' with a -12.2 db signal can you generate enough gain to get it decodable levels? The way I see it you need to get 20+ db of gain out of the ganged antennas to have a chance.

Then there are some adjacents and even a co-channel inference issue to contend with on RF 39.

It may be fun to build the array and it may work well, but this ION signal will require much luck and extreme measures.

Another option might be a Slingbox Pro HD? It allows you to stream over the air signals via a TV tuner over the internet. In this case setting it up at a relatives house who has a much stronger ION station to where you could plunk down a HBU11, might be cheaper.

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