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Originally Posted by Stereocraig View Post
I'm not sure what you'd gain, (NPI) if were you to use that S/P config.
Not to mention all the hassle of maintaining proper spacing and intersecting of all of those phasing lines.

I'm also not the type that tries to discourage people from experimenting, if they're so inclined.
waiting for twin lead to get here to try it.i guess its not really outta need as a sbgh without reflector brings in 21hd stations nicely all day.i have 2 dbgh both are reflectorless i wanna wire this way.if the gain climbs enough ill get all the stations i want. i saw an antenna company is producing exactly what i wanna build.antenna craft mabey?????not sure anyways just like to see what it can do and if it doesnt work ill split the 2 dbgh and point one northwest and the other southeast and put reflectors on both and use a switch box inside to use one or another.
guys never leave tvfool open on your computer the wife saw ion station on it and now she wants it.70 miles away through some trees makes it a pain lol.
i was givin a 40 foot tower now i gotta get it down and to my house lol
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