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For the only viewing antenna , Antenna rotators Are Not <->Channel Surfing Friendly. Must wait for antenna to rotate and --> There Will Be --> Domestic Situations about the aim direction of the antenna.


Antenna system #1. New York.

Winegard HD7084P antenna with a Winegard AP8700 preamp , aimed at about 75 degree magnetic compass direction. Here is how to aim antennas ,

Here are some above the roof antenna mounts. , if using the tripod antenna mount use the 5 foot tripod antenna mount. , if using the eave antenna mount use the #4560.

Buy the ronard antenna mounts at solidsignal by typing the word ronard in the sloidsignal search box or buy from ronard.


Here are some places to buy antennnas and etc. , , ,


Install the preamp power supply and power injector ahead of the splitter.


Each time a splitter split happens , the signal strength is reduced.

Use splitters that have the number of output ports to the number of Tv's.

Examples: For 2 Tv's connected , do not use a 4 way splitter or a six way or 8 way splitter.

Use a 2 way splitter for 2 Tv's connected.

And so forth.

The best way to do coax wiring is to have 1 splitter that has the number of output ports that is the same as the number of Tv locations.

Or a sight variation , Example: 5 Tv's connected , it is Ok to use a 6 way splitter.

And from the 1 single splitter , coaxes will go out to each Tv location with no other splitters connected.


As a ->Test<- of reception , Antenna system #1 , can be aimed at New York , 75 degree magnetic compass direction -> Or At <- Philadelphia About 235 degree magnetic compass direction.

If will like to receive both directions.

I recommend , Antenna system #2.

Antenna system #2 is the same setup as antenna system #1.

The 2 antenna systems are separate antenna systems all the way to the Tv locations.

At each Tv location will be a , Remote control A/B antenna switch.

A/B antenna switching --> Is Channel Surfing Friendly , press the button on the hand held remote , Change Antennas and Keep On Channel Surfing.

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