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Antenna and Amplifier Suggestion Needed

I too am trying to cut the cord and have a few questions on my eventual setup. First here is a link to my report ->

I have two questions,I had reached out to Winegard Direct and asked for their suggestion on the antenna they would recommend for my area. They originally suggested the HD7696P. I was concerned because as you can see in my report I am situated where I may be able to pick up both the NY and Philadelphia markets. I realize the NY stations are closer (my preference) but there is a small mountain range that is in between my line of sight and I wanted to be sure that if I couldn't get NY I could get Philly. So they then suggested the HD7084P which I feel more comfortable with. Based on my location do you feel this is the right antenna or would you suggest something else?

My second question is around amplification. My home is currently wired with a cable outlet in each bedroom and family room for a total of 6 branches. Wingard also suggested the AP8700 Pre Amp which makes sense however after much reading I am not sure if a Pre Amp or Distribution Amp is the better choice. I anticipate breaking it something like this:

|__|__| |__|__| <-(2) - 3 way splitters branching to each room
|________| < 2 way splitter
[__] <- Pre Amp power/Distribution Amp?
| <-Incoming lead from Antenna

Would you recommend the antenna Pre Amp or a Distribution Amp? Just a note that from the Antenna to where the Distribution Amp or Power for the Pre Amp would be a run of about 40 feet and the furthest run to a bedroom would be about another 30 feet from one of the branches.

Appreciate your help!
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