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Originally Posted by PCoaster View Post
Wow, that is some very good and detailed information, I greatly appreciate it!
Thank you; I keep trying and learning more.
1. If I add the additional antenna I guess I would place it at the top, the DB8e already has a joiner for the two sections, I guess I would take the cable coming out of that joiner and put it into the "VHF In" of the combiner you provided a link to. The new UHF antenna plugs into the other port and the center port is to the TV, correct?
Um, you are close, but not exactly.

It is the real channel number that determines what antenna is needed.

VHF-Low, real channels 2-6
VHF-High, real channels 7-13
UHF, real channels 14-51

The virtual channel number (like 5.1) is a holdover from the analog TV days to maintain the identity of the station, and is what the TV displays.


   DB8e >
   UHF   \  U
         UVSJ > preamp > coax > grounding > power > TV
         /  V                     block    inserter
30-2475 >  
The DB8e is a UHF antenna, so its combiner connects to the UHF input of the Antennas Direct UHF/VHF combiner. The new Stellar Labs antenna is a VHF antenna if you decide to try for channel 11, but only if you can't get WESH on 18. It connects to the VHF input of the UHF/VHF combiner. The center output port connects to the input of the Juice preamp.
2. Will the suggested UHF antenna be used to only get the NBC channel (RF 11) or is there hope to get additional channels or perhaps improve others I already get?
The suggested new antenna is a VHF antenna for VHF-High real channels 7-13. It is capable of receiving other VHF-High channels if they are strong enough, but it will not receive any UHF channels because the UVSJ VHF input port will block any UHF channels received by that antenna.
3. Based on the direction I have the DB8e aimed currently, which way would the second antenna need to be aimed to get NBC channel (RF 11)?
The Stellar Labs VHF antenna should be aimed at 170 degrees true/176 degrees magnetic, which is a different azimuth than for UHF WESH 18.
4. Of the two recommended UHF the smaller one enough to reach what I am aiming for?
The two recommended Stellar Labs antennas are for VHF. If your report is accurate, the smaller one should be sufficient with the preamp, but I can't give you a guarantee.

Do I have your permission to show any of the green line images that I sent to you in a PM?
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