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Antenna options

I have discovered that my outdoor antenna is an RS VU-160XR. An Antennacraft VHF/FM/UHF made for Radio Shack. I see that the wing nuts look rusted for the balun connection but the feed lines on top look pretty clean. Strangely, it doesn't pick up K24IC-D which is close to KVOS that I easily pick up, but K24IC-D is at -54.9dB vs. KVOS -41.4dB. I'm wondering if this is the current limit for my reception, -41dB.

Has anyone used this antenna in the past and what are their opinions? It looks to be in pretty shape, just one VHF element near the front came a bit loose so I secured it. I was thinking of maybe getting an Antennacraft U8000 because all of my post transition stations are UHF, but I haven't heard of many people using it.

I was also thinking because I have my VU-160XR on a rotator that I could use the U8000 on that or have a fixed mast with a 4 bay pointing to my 63-65 degree transmitters and one 4 bay, or an 8 bay, pointed towards the 145 to 160 degree stations to the south.

My TV Fool report again is:

Thanks again.
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